There are so many interesting Tech blogs around.

I would like to make a brief review of some of them. I would probably start from First of all, I was impressed that this tech blog, with freemium content, and that it is run by only one man – the founder. With a clear interface, and thoughtful structure. Very fresh feel, and the billing and subscription services the web site use is good. Such a tech blog is a good benchmarking for everyone in tech writing area.

Mastering in the future an audio podcast and transcription services for it.

As I learned, from, that audio podcast could be a powerful tool, especially when you can make an interview, and when you publish a transcription of such an audio podcast. It becomes a unique landing page with a quality SEO effect.

I have to learn to write and express myself in written

It is interesting that to express yourself in written, is more difficult then to express yourself by words. By written have advantage toward the verbal words – because the written words can stay forever. And written words – can be a best connecting point between past, present and future.