There is a new Shim Jeong sharing economy and social system approaching

in which people would be able to co-invest together their efforts, competence, and Shim Jeong, and at the same time develop more than one linear business, but develop a multi-community and organizations at the same time, that would prosper in its continuous innovation, creativity, and improvement.

The era of a Shim Jeong partnership is coming

This will be the era, in which people would unite their competence in building and developing new niche platforms – communities, that would be a mixture of online and offline organizations – towns – villages, that would develop continuously with co-investment of all it’s members, and would grow by combining in itself different business models.

There is a new era of entrepreneurship development coming

In this ear, it is not enough to be a normal entrepreneur who is doing one type of business. It is necessary to be a multi minded, multi-approach, and multi thinking entrepreneur, who would envision and next level community – platform, that could be a basis and birthplace of the next-generation business models. Those business models would benefit all participants.

Niche community of entrepreneurs and organization are inseparable – it is a new trend globally for growth and development

Community and organization – should one inseparable entity. It should start from a community of entrepreneurs, that research, share, embody and develop together. And which would benefit together.