Business is about adventure

There are many similarities between entrepreneurs and pioneers. The one who is going the way of business – need to enjoy adventures. For this is good to study the experience of people enjoying adventures in many spheres of life. Like famous and infamous travelers. People who travel around the globe, following British Geographic Society protocol […]

Tech business – is the next big thing for the Cyprus economy

Even though the Cyprus economy is standing on the traditional pillars like tourism, real estate, and professional services. The next plus Alpha perspective for Cyprus is the opportunity to receive the global tech industry – starting from Software-as-a-service (SAAS) businesses start-ups, established companies and branches from global SAAS & Software companies. Because it will create […]

As entrepreneur challenge is how to share a passion with the people, to form a team – tribe

Internal tribe – of employees and external tribe of customers & partners. To share a passion, and involve them in pioneering the same path – Way. Improving their life views, and strengthening connections between you and them. And learning from each other, and making a win-win synergy with each other. My understanding is that the […]

Global Town ecosystem is important

Starting from the economic ecosystem – to make prosper towns economy and people. In the 21st century towns, the economy needs to be multidimensional. Not depending on one source of income and creation of working places, and taxes. Practically, it is necessary to create a Global Town economy.

Global Town is the future

Through Global Town is possible to connect with minimum future 7 generations, and practically with hundreds and thousands of generation. Global Town becomes a global platform to connect vertically current and future generations. And at the same time horizontal global platform to embrace people and towns around the world.